Ten Commandments

Commandments???  The Hebrew word used (Aseret HaDibrot; Ten the Sayings) clearly means "sayings" or "things."  The Hebrew word is still used today with the same meaning.  The Catholics changed the correct translation to the word "commandments" about 400 years ago.  

When you look at the first "commandment" is says; "I am yhvh your God, who brought you out from the land of Egypt, and from the house of serfs."  There is no commandment it that sentence.  So the Catholics didn't want 9 commandments, so they took the second commandment and divided it into two parts and made the first part the first commandment.

The first part is; You are not to have any other gods before my presence.  The second part is: You are not to make yourself a carved image or any other figure that is in the heavens above, earth below, or the waters beneath the earth. 

Then the Catholics said; "We can't have that second part as a commandment, the people love the super-hero statutes of our captivating fable.  And saying Jesus is god brings in a huge amount of people.  Now we have 9 commandments again.  Lets make the last commandment two parts, one being commandment 9 and the other commandment 10!"

The Protestant Christians who broke away from the Catholics wanted emphasis on the fact that they didn't like the super-hero statutes of the Catholics, so they made sure to make the second commandment not to worship graven images.

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